Die Influencers Die

2020 HD 1h 14m 0

Alpha male social media star Stue Harrington (Frankie Rivers) dupes a group of his peers into an overnight live-streaming event at an abandoned movie studio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Deep behind the old movie sets is the lair of a savage blood thirsty Clown Model - Moxie (Tabitha Stevens) who's directed to kill these intruders by a sinister Otherworld-Coyote (Lizzy Borden). It's a bloody 80's style kill-fest.

Director: Gary Dean Orona

Genre: Horror

Cast: Devhorra Dark, Esther Gabriel, Frankie Pozos, Jeff Tortora, Jon Lee, Katie Morgan, Lizzie Borden, Scot Mckinley, Seth Fischer, Tabitha Stevens

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